by Beak

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released April 4, 2012


all rights reserved



Beak Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Angry Mother of Bones
Water line
Boots forward
Brave new war
As you were

What have I
Have I done
I was young
As you were

The frozen ground
The island drowned

Sleep lying fiend
Dream of feeding freed
Growing inside the mind

Hear that calling
Angry mother of bones
Calling you to come back home

Come back home
Track Name: Hands Collide
Hands collide again
Where eyes pop
A ghost and human rag flapping
A flag for kings

Hung terribly calm from teeth
Eroding diminishing breed
Hung flapping from their teeth

Mercury drops
Through vacuum
Autumn and then frozen
Old and calm
Autumn and then lost

Eroding old kings flapping
Cold in the breeze
Track Name: Men at Arms
The flies are buzzing
The dead are rising
Taking back families
Black wasps are swarming

The black stampede
Men at arms
Who killed in their
Shaking beds
How then could I
Have done this
My mind joining
The legions

The lowly become wholly freed
Unholy the drums slowly beat
Come holy legions souls be freed
Break in with the mob trampling

Men of violence
Left underground
Covered by dust
Ranks breaking down

Horses galloping
Angels taking wing
Man Sleeping

Holy Legions
Souls be freed
Track Name: Billions of Eyes
Son of man nesting
Weather boards make cover
Scoping over houses
Open weather vain shudders

The sun shine on dry earth
The cross the back of his neck
The eyes at his back
The breath up and out of his throat

Sudden at once he sees
Billions of eyes
Caught up in the sight
Swarming the light
Begging for their lives

Sudden at once he sees
Billions of eyes
Shoot through to the light
Into the light
Where they all collide

We have chosen ones
Taking down billions
Waters rise
Frozen skies
Billions fight for life
Track Name: The Weight and Time
Sweeping blazing sun
Take wing before dawn
The bodies turn into smoke
What of men when it is gone

The passage of weight and time
When under the feet of gods

The melting blazing sun
Goes sweeping from the dawn
The fossils what will be found
When after burned to the ground

The passage of weight and time
When under the feet of gods

Bluish light endless void
Coruscating radiating
Dreamed sphere someone
Brilliant power serene son
Transcendence love can't help itself
Must create
There will be pain so be it
Let time begin hasten the day
Sending someone
With shattered light scattered sound

Anguished old stones
Buried alive weight and time
Buried a home made of gold
buried alive weight and time

Buried alive
The weight and time

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